eyes conrad roset


The fascination for Barcelona as if it was a work of art, illustrated by Conrad Roset. A muse. The virtual poster will tell you the weather conditions in Barcelona in a very colorful way, in contrast with the elegance of the metallic and UVI inks of the physical poster.

  • 67,4 x 95,4 cm / 26,5 x 37,5 in
  • Premium quality print – UVI
  • Curious metallics platinum paper 120 g/m2
  • FSC Certificate: Environmentally-friendly paper



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Barcelona is a work of art in itself: urbanism, architecture, monuments, museums… Everywhere you look esthetics dominate everything. The sight is the first of the senses that gets caught by it’s beauty and this poster wants to be the one of this permanent exhibition that the city is. Conrad Roset proposes this illustration of a girl with a powerful sighting that can’t help staring at Barcelona and at us.

The WOW effect, by scanning the poster, reveals the headline that is printed in UVI ink, but in a colourful way matching the city temperature (summer days will provide warmer colours, winter days will show colder ones). Check how behind this information, the sighting of the girl follows us wherever we go, you won’t be able to get rid of her. As she can’t get rid of Barcelona

About the artist: Conrad Roset

For those of you (the few) that don’t know Conrad Roset is the illustrator of the femininity, besides a role model for thousands of young artists that decide to start in the illustration industry. Those of you who follow his work will recognize his stroke even though this a quite different piece among his work. While feminine sensuality is a constant subject in his work, the variety of styles and the exploration of new expressive spaces is also an attribute of this young yet consolidated Catalan artist. In this particular piece the framing leaves corporal expression aside and forces us to focus on the powerful eyes and sighting as argument. Conrad let’s us enjoy this version of “muse” that Barcelona is for many of us.


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