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Bird’s eye view of Barcelona as seen by Iván Bravo. From the clouds down to the Plaça Catalunya pigeons, the city deconstructed in content layers. An original map format that we know will be copied in 3, 2, 1…

  • 60 x 100 cm / 23,6 x 39,3 in
  • Premium quality print – 4-ink printing system
  • Arcodesign paper 200 g/m2 – Fedrigoni
  • FSC Certificate: Environmentally-friendly paper – Acid Free & Heavy metal absence



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As you will have spotted by now, we are in love with Barcelona. It’s a tiny city but it has everything. Literally. How many cities you know that have: beaches, mountains, rivers, monuments, ruines, multicolored quarters, futbol stadiums, train, metro, harbors, and we could go on for ever. The map we are proposing shows all of this and much more.

The WOW effect will reveal layers of information that will be unveiled as you get closer to the poster with your mobile or tablet. Districts, neighborhoods, topics from differents parts of the city. Also check that when you aim at different parts of the poster with your device, you will be able to hear different sounds as waves, cars, people, birds… We love this new map format, but being the parents what else would we say? :)___

About the artist: Iván Bravo

Iván Bravo is an illustrator, a graphic designer, an audiovisual creator and a teacher, from Barcelona. Multi awarded internationally in the fields of the illustration, the design and the audiovisual. Better known for his synthetic, clean and humoristic style, has produced thousands of pieces for the editorial and advertising industry. His work often plays with the viewer’s role, inviting him to the reflection of getting in front of the graphic and audiovisual world, in a playful and educational way. Iván is not simply drawing but proposing a game with the audience. In this case the game is focused in this depth of content that the map of Barcelona has, just like a lasagna of words that we can admire by downloading the Wöwster app.


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