Yummy-Bar Poster


A tribute to the vermouth, tapas and the terraces in Barcelona. Illustrated by the great Negrescolor. This poster will show you the weather in the condal city. A perfect souvenir for taking a piece of Barcelona with you and toasting with it anytime you want.

  • 59,5 x 99,5 cm / 23,4 x 39,2 in
  • Premium quality print – 4-ink printing system + special white ink + silver polyester
  • Novatech semi Matte paper 200 g/m2
  • Ecolabel – Environmentally-friendly paper



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This is a still life image inspired by the cubists, art decos and Gato Perez. Barcelona is the perfect terrace to enjoy this Mediterranean tradition that we call Vermouth. We find it all over Europe and it’s widely believed that it originates in the Mediterranean. The vermouth name refers to it’s main ingredient: vermouth (fr), wermut (gr), wormwood (eng)… It’s a plant we find in every mild climate region in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

The word vermouth has transcended the elixir that we take as an aperitive since centuries (even as a medicinal tonic in ancient cultures like Egyptian and Greek), and has turned into a word that describes the ritual that goes with it: terrace, friends, nice weather, aperitive and joie de vivre. Every gourmet on Earth wouldn’t deny its status of universal meal of our culture. The ones who have practiced this gastronomic discipline know that it needs to be celebrated.

About the artist: Joan Fernandez “Negrescolor”

Joan Fernandez aka Negrescolor (spanish pun for “black is color”). Illustrator, drawer, graphic designer, cyclist and dad. Son of a painter, since he was a kid there’s always been room for drawing at home. We can tell he is not a newcomer in the field of the illustration, so massively crowded these days. Despite being so poliedric, we would agree on defining his style as editorial. We can also recognize elements that put him near cubism, constructivism and expressionism. The music, jazz, blues… and black music, are very present in his work. He’s a decided activist and has always been involved in social movements. Illustration comes from inside him and he uses it as an expression tool. And by tool we mean weapon.


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