Wöwster was born with the idea of ​​applying technology to the poster. To give it a new approach by incorporating augmented reality and create an almost magical product.

You have seen the magic in the Wöwster App, the images, the quality, the work, the details… and you think that you would love that your project, brand or idea felt the same, and “came alive”.

Behind Wöwster, there is a multidisciplinary team of creativity, art direction, technological development, communication and management that goes beyond our own collections. We offer collaborations with projects which we have affinity with, and believe that we can develop a new and amazing product.

If you have an idea, a project, a brand and want a “WÖW” experience for it, email us at wowlab@wowsterposter.com and tell us about it.
Let’s WÖW together!